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Dear Graduating Students

Congratulations. Welcome to the 7th graduation day celebration on 29th July 2017. This is a confirmation letter that your name has been included for the graduation ceremony. You are required to follow the following guidelines.

1. You are required to collect the gown and other materials from CRC block which starts from 11am to 2.30p.m. You are required to deposit Rs. 500/- (Rupees five hundred only) as caution deposit.
2. Gowns will not be issued and you may not be allowed to receive the honors if reported after 2.30pm
3. You may take photos with friends and parents before entering the venue.
4. Arrangements for official photographer is made during the graduation ceremony, parents and friends are not allowed from taking photographs or approach the dias (Contact help desk for photograph).
5. Graduates are required to occupy their seats branch wise, as per the directions of the department coordinators, 30 minutes prior to the commencement of the program.
6. When guests enter the venue, all are required to stand up, maintain salience and pay respect to dignitaries.
7. When called for receiving the honors, students are required to receive it and go back to their seats.
8. They are required to be in their seat till the end of the program until the completion of national anthem and departure of dignitaries. They are also required to strictly maintain salience.
9. Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited for students and parents. They are required to keep the mobile in silent mode.
10. Immediately after the program, students need to return the gown and the cap to the staff and collect Rs. 300/- in the venue.

Join for dinner with accompanying members in the respective venues.

Live Web cast of 7th RVCE 2017 graduation Ceremony will be available.